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Other Roystons!

Train station sign in Royston, Herts

Royston, Hertfordshire Info on the market town near Cambridge, which is the home of the Royston Crow

Royston Vasey Fictional town which is the setting for the offbeat BBC sitcom The League of Gentlemen. Fact: Royston Vasey is the real name of lewd British comedian Roy "Chubby" Brown

Royston, Georgia The home of baseball's immortal Ty Cobb, apparently. Just think, Ray Charles could've sung Royston On My Mind

Sign says Royston, Home of Baseball's Ty Cobb

Royston, Texas Population: 30. Not a big place

Royston, Nevada This one is a genuine ghost town!

Royston, Canada A rural seaside village in British Columbia

All I know about the Royston that made this 1989 record is that he didn't trouble the people that compile the Top 40 ...

Love is My Cure single, by Royston

Can probably say the same thing for this folk singer ...

I've Been Loving You So Long LP, by Royston

According to (sic) there are 10,863 people with the firstname Royston in the UK and 1,146 people with the surname Royston. There is no Royston Royston

A cute dog called Royston

This is Royston the dog, a bearded collie owned by Jim Stott of Aberdeen. He's called Royston because he was born in Royston, Barnsley. Isn't he cute?

Royston Crow The newspaper for all your Royston news.

Royston Crow newspaper

Royston Langdon Lead singer of Spacehog, a UK band more famous in the US. Just because you're a Royston, doesn't mean you can't rock. And he's from Yorkshire, like me. And ... he's married to Liv Tyler

Royston Langdon cartoon

The Magic of Royston Great name for a site. It's Royston Davenport's "unique blend of comedy and magic"

Royston, Barnsley This site for the South Yorkshire town includes a picture of Kwik Save and "a roaming dog". This concrete Royston Wells sign surely rivals the Hollywood sign. More pics at: Royston Web

Concrete Royston Wells sign

There's a Royston near you! According to Streetmap there are 115 Royston Roads, Streets, Avenues, Drives etc in the UK. My nearest is Royston Road, Maidstone, Kent.

And here's a Royston Road in Woodend, Victoria, Australia. This pic was sent to me by Aussie cartoonist Nik Scott. (Note the diamond-shaped sign on the right, designed to remind you that you're in Australia. It just says "KOALAS")

Royston Road Woodend Victoria Australia

Know a Royston? Are you a Royston? Or do you live in a Royston?
Email me like these fine people did:

My name is Royston Robinson. I'm an animator.
Royston Robinson, Burlington, Ontario

I am Royston Robinson ... as is my father
Royston Robinson, London

Over the past 39 years I have been hiding my true identity for I am a Royston. All but a few close family members know me as Roy because of my shame and embarrassment of having a sissy name. Being known as Roy gave me peace. Thank you for showing me that I am not alone. I now realise that if this dog can live with being called Royston then so can I. So look out world, for I am coming out of the closet. My name is Royston and I'm proud of it ...
Royston Andrew Cleary, USA

I was named Royston because my dad was born in Royston, Barnsley. My brother was named Carlton which is the name of the next village. My sister got off lightly being called Rachel as the next village is called Monk Bretton.
Royston Emery

I wept with joy to find others with this fine name. I imagined that I was the only one. You have given my life new meaning.
Royston Price, Monmouth, Wales

My name is Ronnie L. Royston, I live in Royston, GA. I am a descendant of the original founder of Royston. My grandfather was William (Bill) Royston and my great grandfather was Barton Royston. I was thrilled to stumble across so many Roystons out in the world.
Ronnie L. Royston, Royston, Georgia

My name is Tim Royston, one of six from Charles W. and Betty Royston from Pittsburgh, PA. Hello fellow Roystons!
Tim Royston, Texas

I just thought your site was cool and wanted to participate.
Denetra "Dee" Royston, Memphis, Tennessee

I am a fourth generation with the same name. Thanks for your site.
Royston Jester IV, Lynchburg, Virginia

Greetings from Florida. Keep up the homage to Roystonia.
Andy Royston

I am a Royston - in Holt, Michigan, USA.
Rick Royston

My name is Lori Royston, daughter of Leighton Royston of Santa Rosa, California, and grand-daughter of Claude Royston, originally of Eaton City, Michigan. I see my cousin Rick has also responded.
Lori Royston

My 6-year-old son is named Royston Drake Earl. Most people love his name, it is so unique. Sometimes we call him Royce for short. I have never met another Royston yet and this website is very cool!
Ryan Earl, Jenison, Michigan

I also respond to being called Roy. Do you think this makes me less of a Royston? I am slowly making moves to introduce myself as Royston and am appreciating the name as being more special than others.
Royston Nicholson, London

Does it bother you when people shorten your name to Roy? At work they automatically shortened my email name to Roy, instead of Royston. I made sure that they changed it back. My wife grew up in Royston, Hertfordshire.
Royston Tween, Kent

I was named Royston after my father's Sunday School teacher in England. I now live in the USA and, in true American form, go by the shorter Roy.
Royston Kruse

My name is Royston. I live in Teddington, southwest London. I work as a local government official. It is nice to know that someone else has the name.
Royston C. Atkin

I am originally from Royston, Georgia. It was so named after my great grandfather. He had a general store there.
Armilda (Royston) Young

There are a few Royston families in Australia. And Basil Royston, who is based in the USA, is compiling a family tree on the Royston family from England.
Joanne Royston, Melbourne

My grandmother was Della Royston (Collins). Her father was William S. Royston and his father was George W. Royston. They lived near Spartanburg, South Carolina.
Donald Royston Collins

Greetings, I was born in Liverpool UK. My father was Charles Herbert Royston. I have been living in Canada since the 1960s and in my travels I have stumbled across the Roystons in British Columbia and Texas. Thank you for this website.
Donald Royston

Hi, I am from Royston, Herts, I now live in Germany. My Son is called Michael Royston.
Robin Gypps from Royston, Hertfordshire

I was born in Royston. I love my village. I love the Kwik Save. The stray dog is not mine.
Adrian Shaw from Royston, Barnsley

I think the roaming dog belongs to the old bloke who always hangs around by the Royston Wells landmark.
Darren Hornshaw from Royston, Barnsley

The dog is called Bob, he lives on Back Lane West near the Cross Inn. He's a bloody nuisance.
Istvan Vajda from Royston, Barnsley