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If you want to commission cartoons or illustrations this page may be of no use ... it is for all the other stuff! This is where I used to put all the miscellaneous, self-indulgent bits and pieces before I started a blog (which you can see by clicking here.)

Here is an interview with me which I did for The Cartoon Fiend.

And here is another interview, this time for the PCO magazine Foghorn.

DoodleBug comic My misspent youth.

Star Wars gag cartoons It's a subject to which I keep returning. What can I say? I was nine in 1977.

I drew strips for The Wedding Present, the influential indie band, in the late 80s/early 90s. You can see them online at

Other Roystons There are Roystons all over the world. Unfortunately, most appear to be towns rather than people.